The author

The cult book En route toward the next dimension is a timeless perennial, in which Clemens Kuby not only tells about healers and shamans all over the world, but also reveals his own healing of a paraplegia through a soul touching consciousness process.

In his next book
Heilung – das Wunder in uns Kuby lets the reader discover his own amazing healing potentials and puts self-healing into practice in numerous exercises. This book also became a bestseller right from the start. Afterwards the standard work mental healing – das Geheimnis der Selbstheilung was published. With this book, Kuby presents his teachings so comprehensively and systematically that healthcare professionals recognize the interfaces with what they have learned and apply to their profession. The book is a recommendation for everyone who would like to intensively deal with the KUBYmethod and is interested in making their own experiences in self-healing. Some practical examples of this work can be found in the film: Live your film.

In the small book Healthy without Medicine, the KUBYmethod® is approached differently for women and men, because practice shows that women have a different access to intuition than men. Both need their way of thinking to heal themselves. Furthermore this book is very elaborate and beautifully designed and available as e-book.

Practiced reincarnation – My incredible experiences
Where do we come from and where do we go after death? Clemens Kuby makes the concept of reincarnation comprehensible, which is able to explain the secret of our life and death in a unique way. At the centre is
the story of the Tibetan Lama Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, who died in an accident in 1992 and was reborn in 1995. The documentation of the search for evidence of this rebirth vividly explains the teaching of reincarnation. It is a great proof of the continuity of our consciousness: Every human being possesses an immortal soul that embodies itself in ever new forms.