Route to the next dimension (Shamanic Healing)


Viewers experience their own personal inconceivable powers and possibilities through the film. Some viewers have even experienced spiritual healing of their illnesses through the film.


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Experience a new, mysterious and fascinating world: Shamans, Alchemists, Healers. Shamans. What is real? What is magic? Clemens Kuby (Living Buddha) documents phenomena around the world which are usually inaccessible. Kuby has succeeded in capturing magic worlds on the screen, which he links with Western brain research. Kuby’s film takes us to Peru’s Amazon region; to Don Agostin Rivas Vasques. To the northern mountain region of the Philippines and Laurence Cacteng. To Nepal, where Lhamo Dolkar, a spiritual medium, heals patients by entering a trance. To Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – and Sayagyi U Shine, an Alchemist. We visit Evgeni Bondarenko in Russia, who masseurs magic powers by computer and Hi-Ah Park in Korea a dancing shaman.