The 5 human images

There are infinite possibilities to categorize the different philosophies with which man experiences himself and his world. The following five categories allow us to define our respective state of consciousness a little more closely. Ask yourself as which being you treat yourself as and how successful you have been with it so far. Take your time to look at these five human images and recognize where you stand at the moment with your problem solving.

The mechanical being

The bio-chemical being

The energetic being

The information being

The spiritual-soulful being


The higher you have internalized one of these human images, the more possibilities you have to effectively improve your life. In the KUBYmethod we work with the fifth image of being, i.e. the spiritual-soul model.

No matter where you currently stand, when applying KUBY® we immediately jump to the 5th human image. When you have integrated it into your life, all fears are gone and you follow your authentic heart’s desires with great conviction and strength.

1. Das The mechanical being

The idea that man is a mechanical being is purely physical, for example in surgery. There, in 130 years, people have worked their way up from the healing position below the bathers to the top of medical intervention measures through enormously increased skills. In surgical thinking, the human being resembles a machine that can be repaired and sometimes even replaced. The physician speaks of wearing parts, wear and tear, bad starting material etc.

Physiotherapists also regard the human being primarily as a physical, material being. You will certainly think of several procedures that belong to this view of being.

2. DasThe bio-chemical being

To a more subtle consideration belongs the idea that man is a bio-chemical being. Through these glasses, man resembles in a certain way a laboratory in which substances are created and transformed. Therefore the input and output of cells is evaluated and influenced by natural and/or artificial substances. This thinking is shared by the pharmaceutical industry and most people on earth, not just doctors. Take a look at how much you also belong to it. How dependent are you on tablets, food supplements and intolerances, on laboratory findings etc.?

3. The energetic being

On an even more subtle level, the human being is considered an energetic being. This image of man possesses well over a quarter of humanity. According to this philosophy (TCM) the human being can be reduced to four or even five main energies such as fire, earth, water, air and space/ether, which are in balance when the human being is healthy. All people who work shamanically on earth see the human being as an energetic being. Reiki-, Christ-energy and many other so-called spiritual methods are based on this essence.

4. Das The information being

This includes homeopathy, which works with high potencies. For example, for a D 60 potency, a drop of active ingredient is used, which is ultimately diluted with the amount of water in an ocean. If you take five globules of it, there is neither a bio-chemical nor an energetic effect. The globule works with its information. Modern homeopathy (according to Körbler) only paints a symbol on the skin with a ballpoint pen in order to heal effectively. The entire bio-resonance medicine, as it was developed in Russia for space travel, is also based on this essence. Placebos also work via the information content of a drug. Information medicine is energy- and substance-free and thus already belongs to the category of spiritual healing.

5.   The spiritual-soulful being 

This human image is about expanding consciousness. The healing or problem solving is only a side effect. The consciousness is expanded in an intuitive way to get to the cause of a problem or an illness. To do this, we communicate with our soul, which represents the personalized intuition for us.

We do not need any vehicles, rituals, other people or anything from outside. We find the solutions within us through an intuitive process we call Soul Writing®. With intuition, man is connected to cosmic wisdom. We only need to reactivate it because we are not used to working on this level. Intuition is not demanded and encouraged in school. With KUBY® we have a mental tool to catch up. The soul is defined as a continuum without beginning and without end, and the body as a temporary expression of mental state.