The combination of cognitive science and film language

Soul Writing

Soul Writing is a patented method for which Clemens Kuby combined cognitive science with the language of film.
The Soul Writing makes sure that you stay in your intuition.
In contrast to reason/the intellect, intuition works outside of space & time, i.e. in intuition everything is always now. And what is now can be changed or healed now.


In Soul Writing you are always in direct speach and remain in the present tense and in the literal speech in every line. This means that in a Soul Writing text there is neither past nor explanations (meta or prose texts), but only direct speech of the acting persons. Each change of person starts with a new line, preceded by the name (or abbreviation) of the person speaking or acting. In the online seminar you will have a form for this, which makes writing in script style easy.

Here you see the form of a soul letter:

You describe the ambience as far as it is necessary for the experience. You do not give any explanations or make generalizations. You write down the authentic documentary film in the present tense and in direct speech, as you think you have experienced it. Only your subjective truth counts. What others might say about it does not matter. The numbering is very important for the later analysis of the conversation


Such texts create an emotional experience and thus form synapses in the brain, which in turn send out messenger substances (neurotransmitters) that regulate the entire cell behaviour.
Thus, not only a mental but also a physical change takes place according to what you have written.
Here reason/intellect has to remain silent. The subjective truth applies. What others say about your scene or what might be considered as “objectively” by others is absolutely irrelevant.
If you are emotionally or physically affected, then you know that you have hit the mark and are at the root cause of your problem (project). Despite or just thanks to this emotion (or because of) being affected, it is important to continue to develop the scene and to expand it backwards and forwards so that you can relive what happened back then. Still, it can never again be as bad as it once was.
Through Soul Writing you will dive very deep inside your project so that you will become aware of the cause of your suffering.


With Soul Writing, you suddenly no longer have the feeling that you are writing, but that IT is writing. Often you don’t even know what IT is writing, and afterwards are amazed at the words. These are the revealing soul texts, words that emerge from the subconscious to be condensed on paper, what is written on paper comes into your consciousness. This alone is already half of the healing.


With the Soul Writing of the KUBYmethod you can start rewriting your project after developing the pain image and reaching the moment of the greatest pain. From here you find a credible way of rewriting your tormentor until he becomes a loving, happy person. This is then your new reality. It doesn’t have to be true, but it is what works. With the soul writing you create this new healing reality for yourself as an emotional experience. That’s why it has to be written as precisely in script style as the pain picture. The caterpillar turned into a butterfly.