Tibet – The Survival of the Spirit, Buddhism Trilogy Part II


Tibetans – the most spiritual people on earth, in their non-violent fight for freedom against the torturing Chinese occupiers, the most extreme materialistic thinking people in the world today.

One understands that physical and material destruction cannot win against the Buddhist Spirit in Tibet.

1 ’34”


Kuby shot the film under cover in two months with a four-day visa. The film is an uncensored document showing the barbaric Chinese suppression.

At the same time it is “a film of great sensivity and tenderness which makes reincarnation comprehensive, not as pedestination but as the spring of the Tibetan culture, expressed as unconditional compassion and love for all sentient beings.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

The film shows the Tibetans belief in the undying spirit with unforgettable pictures of their death rituals.

In a dramatic way and with breathtaking landscape shots Kuby shows the life of monks and nomads in the Tibet of today. “A document heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time.” (Die Zeit)