Quality of life!


Maybe you're in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you have problems in relationships, health, finances or your life perspective. In any case it is an issue you cannot solve with your current knowledge and the knowledge of your professionals.

Whatever the problem is, it doesn't matter for now. Yeah, you got that right: it doesn't matter. You are used to taking the problem as a basis for your enquiries. Usually you go on the internet and look for an expert for a certain problem. Since this expert is specialized in your topic, he will certainly give you good advice. But this is not enough for the solution of your problem or the healing of your disease.

This approach is understandable, because we are all so used to it, but when using KUBY® we take a different approach. KUBY® is all about making you aware of the cause of your problem or illness.KUBY® is a questioning technique that allows you to quickly get from your symptom or the everyday situation you suffer from to the cause, no matter how far back it goes.We take the universal law of cause and effect seriously and do not leave it at not-knowing or the famous coincidence that does not exist in this universe anyway.Suddenly you say: I have never seen it like this before! This is the moment when your consciousness takes a leap and everything is clear. Clemens Kuby, who has been a filmmaker since his school days, has realized that you can create your own film with a reality that has a healing effect. The brain can't distinguish fact from fiction. What you then think up with the KUBY method is just as effective as the event that imprinted its mark on you.

Clemens has observed that many people cry in the cinema, i.e. show real physical reactions, although what they see is a story executed by actors. And it was exactly from this point that he developed his self-healing method, with which he even cured his paraplegia.

So you too, like tens of thousands before you, will be able to create a new reality that will make you happy and healthy. Give it a try!!!