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Practicing the KUBYmethod


The KUBYcompanions are mature personalities, qualified experts and certified for self-healing processes through the expansion of consciousness; they listen to you empathetically and offer you a clear reflection so that you can find the next steps to solve your problem or heal your illness yourself.

Remember that the effectiveness of the KUBYmethod lies in the fact that, in addition to your 1-to-1 conversation with your companion, you are given a writing task, called Soul Writing®, to make your consciousness process sustainable.

After the interview you will receive an email with a free questionnaire for client feedback containing 40 aspects for your personal consciousness process by e-mail. For this valuable reflection you only have to open the mail and tick at least 4 aspects.

Individual call

One minute for the individual call costs € 1,67 plus VAT. (in Germany currently 19%), i.e. € 1,99. The program records the time you start and end the call exactly to the minute. You yourself determine the duration of the call, and you will only be charged for this. No further costs will arise.

1,99 € per minute

Soul Writing®

The text for your consciousness process, the so-called Soul Writing®, is automatically calculated according to the number of your keystrokes/characters (without spaces and punctuation marks). 100 characters cost 84 cents plus the VAT. (in Germany currently 19%), so the end price amounts to only one Euro. If you improve your text after having it commented upon and send it again to your companion, you will only be charged for the newly added characters (100 Z = 1€).

1 € per 100 characters