Living Buddha – The True Story – Buddhism Trilogy Part III


The fascinating story of a reincarnation. One person, two lives.

Winner of the Bavarian Film Award



The Tibetan Master Gyalwa Karmapa died in Chicago in 1981. For seven years, director Clemens Kuby followed the search for his rebirth. Monks then found Karmapa, according to his own prophecy, in eastern Tibet: an extraordinary child born into a nomadic family.

The film, “a milestone in celluloid – a marvel” as Stern magazine called it, was shot in parts of Tibet no camera team had ever travelled to before.

The press: “An amazing film.” – “Seldom was a film so exciting and so truthful.” – “An extraordinary film experience: on the one hand as dramatic as Eco’s ‘The name of the Rose’, on the other poignant because it gives western audiences an intimate and original look at Buddhism.”