KUBY® is the name of the ideology-free tool for expanding consciousness, developed, practiced and passed on by Clemens Kuby
The beginning

How the KUBYmethode® was created

More than 40 doctors had the opinion in 1981 that Clemens would never walk again. When he left the clinic on two legs after one year, they said that this was a spontaneous healing. For 23 years Clemens has researched on all continents in 14 countries with shamans, healers, gurus etc. how so-called spontaneous healings come about.

Only when he made a film with brain researchers in 2003 did he understand that consciousness processes control physical functions. This was exactly what happened in his case. From this basic knowledge the cubic method was developed, which he has practiced very successfully since 2005 and has passed on to thousands of people.

How does the KUBYmethode® work?

The KUBYmethode® is based on neurobiological laws and the latest findings in physics. The decisive factor for the KUBYmethode® is that our brain cannot distinguish between fact and fiction, both of which form synapses in the brain through which the messenger substances are developed that regulate the entire cell behaviour of your body.

Personal responsibility

The KUBYmethode® (mental healing) is a self-healing method. That means you have to heal yourself. With the KUBYmethode® you have to say goodbye completely to the expectation that a doctor, alternative practitioner or healer will make you healthy because he will find out what you have and then know how to get it away.

The KUBYmethode® is based on the assumption that among billions of people there are and cannot be two identical diseases or problems. Each disease or problem has its own individual cause.

Every illness is a message

Who should know the cause of your problem or illness better than you? Even if many people were in the same situation in which the cause of your “project”, as we say, was created, it was felt differently by each one.

This stroke of fate has hit each person at a different biographical moment and in this respect it means something very special to them. In this uniqueness lies both the cause and the message of the event suffered.

Development of awareness

The fact that you still have your “project” today shows that the message of the stroke of fate has not yet (fully) revealed itself to you. But you can make up for this – no matter how far back this event goes, how often its pattern has already been repeated, or how often you have already worked on it – with the KUBY method for the first time in a few days.

Consciousness does not develop linearly, but exponentially, i.e. in leaps and bounds. Sometimes a word, a book, an encounter or even a seminar is enough and you will get it.

Step-by-step instructions

The works of Clemens Kuby, his books, films and lectures have already caused such a leap in consciousness in many people. In the seminars, however, you can no longer manage such a leap of consciousness, because Clemens’ step-by-step instructions pick you up exactly where you are standing at the moment. At least 2 nights are planned for this.

Thus your leap of consciousness always refers to something that only and exclusively you have experienced personally. Only your subjective truth counts and you recognize it especially at night while writing.

Only the subjective truth counts

You are not interested in what others think of the same event or what they think is true or false. You want to heal yourself, so it’s all about your truth, and from that truth you draw your conclusions. Once you put them into practice, you are cured. This is how the KUBYmethode® works.

The KUBYmethode® is a tool

The medicine calls such a purely mental healing as spontaneous healing, but this does not happen spontaneously, this is highly concentrated consciousness work. With the KUBYmethode® you have the tool to expand your consciousness whenever you want or whenever it is necessary.

The phliloscopy behind the KUBYmethode®

Die Erkenntnis, wie Selbstheilung zustande kommt oder wie du ein Problem löst, wird die Qualität deines Lebens entscheidend verbessern. Mit der KUBYphilosophie bist du nicht länger darauf angewiesen, was deine Ratio (dein Wissen) vermag.

More about the philosophy behind the method