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Are you ready for the next dimension?

The KUBYcompanions don't heal you. They don't even treat you either. They provide you with a tool to enhance your own, individual consciousness, whenever you need it. Every solution to a problem, even healing an illness, needs a higher level of consciousness than the one you haven't managed to experience happiness with.

What makes the Method so effective?

Whether you're dealing with an illness, accident, bankruptcy, divorce, bullying, etc, we, the KUBYcompanions never see your problem as a coincidence but rather as a message from your soul (subconscious) for your own authentic development. Therefore, you can already start to believe, now that you have experienced the negative side of your problem, that with the KUBYmethod® you'll realize its positive attributes.

How is the Method supposed to work?

The recipe for success on how to achieve this consciousness can be found on this website and on our social media. Clemens Kuby has written a series of books and filmed several documentaries on this topic. Clemens Kuby holds seminars both online and face-to-face. You can also book a personal 1-to-1 call with a KUBYcompanion. You can even study the KUBYmethod to become a KUBYcompanion yourself. In the KUBYverse you're guaranteed to find a tailored way to enhance your quality of life considerably.