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I want to start the KUBYtraining now!

I am interested in the KUBYtraining

The KUBYtraining is perfectly suited as a recess after the online seminar Healthy without Medicine, to get into routine with the KUBYmethod. Only those who have already completed a basic seminar or online seminar can participate in KUBYtraining.

Personal support

The online seminar Healthy without Medicine is a prerequisite for participation in KUBYtraining. This gives you the certainty that all participants are familiar with the KUBYmethod and thus a protected space is created, just like in the seminars where we have already met on the soul level.en, in denen wir uns bereits auf Seelenebene begegnet sind.

KUBYmethod becomes a routine

The program runs for 6 months (with 2 evenings each, for a total of 12 units). All dates for the KUBYtraining are published half a year in advance.

How does the KUBYtraining work exactly



On two consecutive evenings each month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. you will meet Clemens live in a video conference.

Clemens Live

You can talk directly to Clemens and see each other, or you can listen and watch the other participants interact with him.

Soul Letters

You can communicate with Clemens about your project and show him your soul letter and read it out loud so that you can go through it together and everyone else can participate.

Permanent exchange

For this you will get access to the server, where you can upload your soul texts at any time, so that you can exchange information with the other participants permanently. On an extra document you have the possibility to leave messages for the other participants.

Chat window

During the meetings you can write to the moderator and other participants individually or for all visible through a chat window and support each other.


Over the six months, a very personal community develops with the other participants. In which you can comment on each other's soul texts on the server and point out important aspects to each other.

Memorial Break

There is always one night between the two days of training so that in the alpha state you can work on your project for the next two-hour meeting according to the suggestions you have received.


As a participant of the KUBYtraining you will receive a link for the two evenings every month.

Missed a date?

Have you ever missed a live appointment or want to repeat the training: No problem, at the latest 24 hours later every KUBYtraining is in the archive and you can watch it as often as you like and stop and rewind it at any moment.


In the archive you have access to all previous KUBYtrainings. You can view and repeat every training session. The way Clemens works with the participants gives you many helpful suggestions for your own process. We started the KUBYtraining in December 2016 and have held it every month until today. So you have an incredibly large pool of cases and unique support from Clemens Kuby at your disposal. So if you want, you can watch KUBYtraining videos exclusively for the next six months. Access to the KUBYtraining archive will be activated immediately after joining.

Follow-up participants

After the first 6 months you can re-book the KUBYtraining as often as you like. You will receive a substantial discount as a follow-up participant.

End of training

When you finish the training, the access to the server and the archive will expire. Since the data is very sensitive, we can only allow access to active members.

What does the KUBYtraining cost me

Just eight months after we launched the KUBYtraining due to the great demand in winter 2016, we were able to reduce the price significantly by using optimized online technology.

Normal price




Our participants

Das sagen Teilnehmer zum KUBYtraining 


Become a KUBYcompanion yourself

Maybe you are already convinced of the effectiveness of the KUBYmethod and want to become a professional companion yourself, who helps other people to expand their consciousness. if this applies to you, you should know that the KUBYtraining is a prerequisite for participation in the second semester. By the beginning of the second semester at the latest, students are asked to be able to solve major difficulties in life independently. In order to be able to accompany others later on, it is advisable to have experienced beforehand how it feels as a client or participant of a seminar and what challenges you will face, so if you want to become a KUBYcompanion one day anyway, decide on the KUBYtraining right away. It will help you on different levels.