For me an absolutely great webinar. THANKS for this clearly structured method and the free sharing. From my point of view the most valuable and fundamental thing I have been able to experience on the internet for a long time. My deepest respect!!!

MiroslavWebinar participant

Good morning, last night was fantastic, so much energy, so many interesting things, it was brilliant. I then sat down and wrote. Now I have the feeling that everything is solved, the healing process can progress in giant steps. I am already looking forward to the next online seminar.

Luise - 65, ViennaSeminar participant

Be ready! The KUBYmethod is a healing soul space intensive cure. Intensive because Clemens asks questions you don't want to hear. And certainly don't want to answer. His questions are the essence, and the honest examination of them is your gateway to healing. With the KUBYmethod you will look your soul in the eye, marvel at its power and take control from now on - in your life!

Barbara Lee-Paul46, Muasdale UK, Herniated disc

Until half a year ago I did not dare to look at my "preserves". I thought, "Open up old wounds, and then what?" Now I've finally found the wound healing remedy - the KUBYmethod. Now I dare to approach my "difficult" subjects, because I find the healing solution.

Regina56, Bavaria

Thank you very much for your unbelievably great effort. Above all, that you pass everything on to the people with an open heart...thank you......be protected and sheltered! A wonderful Christmas! May we all contribute to a better world!


Dear Clemens, the seminar with you was very helpful for me. You have encouraged and supported me to go with my truth completely. This led to the fact that I could clarify things on a new level and advance my healing work. Thank you very much!


The KUBYmethod is a clearly structured, bomb-proof method with which you can solve your problems of any kind with your inner self, your soul. Health problems, psychological problems, whatever, every problem has a psychological cause. The soul creates the problems, so that you can recognize the deeper causes for these problems and thereby also eliminate them. And since every human being has a soul / an inner voice, this method always works, as long as you honestly try to establish contact with your soul / inner being.

Roland38, Düsseldorf

he seminar 'KUBYmethod' with Clemens Kuby brings a radically new perspective on many aspects of our lives, especially for people who do not think with the mainstream and draw their own conclusions.

Andrea54, Allgau, Getting rid of a myoma

In the seminar you learn step by step how to activate your self-healing powers. The central point of the KUBYmethod is to use one's intuition to approach events that have caused damage to one's own soul in any form, which then manifests itself on a physical level in the form of illness or other physical or psychological problems. Once these events have been located, the problem can be solved by the technique of rewriting. In the seminar, Clemens Kuby will guide and accompany you through the process in a very detailed and sensitive way.


I am very grateful and happy to have found a way for me to get well. How much power thoughts have and how much I can contribute to my healing is much more conscious to me now. I thank Clemens Kuby for this wonderful gift and for his so honest and appreciative attitude.


Clemens' KUBYmethod has helped me to become aware of my soul wounds (something that is not in harmony). These are responsible for the fact that our body can become ill or already is. Through conscious rewriting it is possible to heal these soul wounds. You do this like in a script. You create your own new film of life, which then becomes reality. This works because my brain accepts the new healthy and happy life movie I invented as truth, just like in my past the sick and unhappy (real) scene. Clemens Kuby, as an experienced director, teaches us exactly which scenes work and which do not. This means that I now have the competence to direct my own life. I am sooooo grateful.

Ute53, Alternative practitioner, Raststatt