Rediscover seminars in a new and unprecedented way

What Kuby has learned over the years about self-healing processes and through his own history, he passes on locally and online in lectures, workshops and seminars that are comprehensible for everyone.

Discover your own competence

His seminars are absolutely unique and cannot be compared to anything else in their intensity and effectiveness. Anyone who has attended many seminars will experience Kuby’s seminars in a way never seen before. Where it was about getting something from the speaker, you discover yourself as the greatest healer in the universe in Kuby’s seminars. You come into your own competence for your well-being in a way you never thought possible, purely practical and goal-oriented. This leads to a freedom that we have always missed, even when we have been travelling a lot in the spiritual dimension. Causal self-healing is something completely different, something fundamentally liberating.

How careful are you?

You can find detailed information about Clemens Kuby’s events under Offers. The question is how much you want to be pushed by your own consciousness process. In a lecture you risk very little, in a workshop (3.5 hours) you have to get more involved with yourself. The KUBYmethod® is a self-healing method. You get to know it when you can answer the question of what you want to heal in your own home. Whether it is a physical, psychological, relationship, work, housing or money problem, the important thing is that you want to approach it differently than before.

In a seminar (from 2.5 days) it is already about your own doing. Something happens there. You can choose how intensively you want to get into doing. Healing journeys are the most intensive. You need the willingness to take responsibility for your problem, whatever it is. The speaker only gives the method, the work of healing yourself is done by yourself. This is a challenge, incredibly liberating because the method works.