Healthy without Medicine


The KUBYmethod – a manual for thinking differently


Full Health by your own Power

Staying healthy without medicine and achieving a state of harmony and love requires a precise idea of how to free yourself from burdens interfering with your personal life. For this, you need to think in a different way. The mind is in charge. In this book, Clemens Kuby, the well-known self-healing-expert, presents his KUBYmethod in a concise and clear way that is easy to apply.

Clemens Kuby developed this method after becoming paraplegic due to an accident. 40 different doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again. Even his family and friends told him this. Kuby did not give up and created this healing method that focuses entirely on mental power. It expands consciousness to achieve self-healing. After one year he was able to leave the hospital on both legs. Doctors could only explain this as one of the very few spontaneous healings.

With this book and his seminar on Clemens Kuby presents the KUBYmethod to anyone who is open to it.