The Making of Living Buddha


The video camera caught situations, which the two film cameras were not able to. For instance Karmapa, the “little” Buddha, as close and joyful as never before on film.



Kuby thought, if there is rebirth, why not document it? The case of the Tibetan master Gyalwa Karmapa seemed ideal for making a film about one person in two lives. It took him seven years.

THE MAKING OF LIVING BUDDHA shows the most crucial period of these years: the first trip of a film crew into the strictly forbidden Eastern part of Tibet, which has been occupied and suppressed by the Chinese since 1950.

The crew travelled 2.000 miles over the roof of the world by jeep and ten days on horseback through perilous gorges and over passes 15.000 feet high.

None of the pictures in this video are identical with the film LIVING BUDDHA. It is Kuby’s own story, revealing with surprising openess the dramatic, funny and often dangerous aspects of the adventurious film project LIVING BUDDHA.