The knowledge of how self-healing comes about or how you solve a problem will significantly improve the quality of your life. With the KUBYphilosophy you are no longer dependent on what your intellect can do.

Recognize yourself as a spiritual-soulful being

With the KUBYphilosophy you will realize that you are not a bio-chemical, material, physical being, but in the first place a spiritual-soulful being. This opens up an infinite range of new possibilities for you to take your fate into your own hands.

Overcoming the limits in the way you think

With the five human images of the KUBYphilosophy we structure our way of thinking and can change it through this method. When applying the so-called spiritual-soulful (soul-based) human image we discover a level of experiences on which we dispose of a seemingly boundless space for the processing of experiences and phenomena of our life.

Reason is subordinate to intuition

To be on a spiritual-soulful level in our daily life means that we grant our intuition the highest status. Reason – our analytic-practical mind – serves as our instrument to put into practice the visions, ideas and objectives desired by our intuition. Hence we reestablish the hierarchy between soul and reason providing happiness and lead a life in growing harmony, trust and creative power.

KUBY®is a spiritual tool

KUBY® is not merely a tool to expand your consciousness with respect to a certain subject, it is also a method to classify, understand and plan ahead events in yout life.

Theory cannot replace practice

In order to internalize this philosophy it is not enough to read about it or watch videos. We can only experience the power behind this world of imagination, when we apply the KUBYmethod™to solve an urgent problem or obtain lasting health on our own.