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Clemens Kuby about the corona virus COVID-19

By July 21, 2020 September 9th, 2020 No Comments

Does Corona scare you? Are you staying home? Do you wear a community mask around people? Or does it not affect you and you don’t change your behaviour because of it?

We’ve already reacted. We have seminars that don’t require you to leave your home. You don’t have to sit in a room with dozens of strangers and endure their coughing and snorting; you don’t have to shake hands with anyone or eat at the same table. We offer you our seminars and our KUBYcompanions online without any risk of infection.

The seminars and studies are mature, deeply effective teaching videos and exercise films. They are available to you for an unlimited time; you can work with them whenever you feel comfortable. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without personal contact to me. During each training you can communicate with me live and we can even discuss your soul letter together. We avoid the slightest risk of infection or other transmission of other pathogens. I infect you with the awareness that you are a spiritual, self-determining being. By means of Corona you learn that your body is 100% subordinated to your consciousness. Your so-called immune system is completely dependent on your thinking.

That is why we do not resonate with something like Corona at all, just like with 5G. That doesn’t mean that we fight against these things. We do not define ourselves as a bio-chemical, energetic being, but as a spiritual-emotional being. If I had not done this in the paraplegic clinic, as you can read in my book En route towards the next dimension, I would still be in a wheelchair today. We do not fear corona or other things, because we have learned to take our fate into our hands, so we cannot be attacked by a level of consciousness on which panic can be spread. We are no longer receiving it. That is why we still hold physical /face-to-faces seminars.

Here you can find when and where: https://clemenskuby.com/kubyoffers/on-site-events

For different reasons, we enjoy the fact that we can do the KUBYstudies and seminars, including the KUBYtraining, from home. We are completely undisturbed and feel comfortable, warm and cozy. We control the KUBY content at exactly the pace and with the repetitions that give us the greatest benefit. Corona or not, we are not at all affected by assembly bans and cancellations of group meetings. We remain within our own four walls and still get to see everything.

Those who have successfully completed their KUBYstudies can earn their money from the same place at home with meaningful work. As a KUBYcompanion, however, you can also pursue this exciting and helpful profession from any place in the world with an Internet connection until your last breath.

Ain’t that an offer!!!!

Click here -> https://clemenskuby.com/kubyangebote/ and you have the whole range of online KUBY products.

Have fun and inspiration!

Clemens Kuby

PS: If you are still afraid of Corona, write a soul letter!