How is it created?

The answer is simple: through reflection. With our consciousness it is the same as with our outer appearance: if we want to know what we look like, we need a mirror in which we can look at ourselves. Without a mirror, you cannot know what you look like. Through a mirror you expand your consciousness about yourself and what you think. 

If we want to expand our awareness of a certain problem, we need a distance to it. This allows us to see the problem from the outside and to recognize what it is about much more easily than if we are inside it. For this we have to put our thoughts on paper. Thinking alone does not help, we think the same thing over and over again like in a hamster wheel.

By keeping our distance from the paper we reflect our thinking and can thus correct, file and improve it until it corresponds to our intentions. In pure internal thinking and also speaking we lack the possibility of correction. 

Wenn uns auf diese Weise etwas bewusst geworden ist, können wir es auch bewusst ändern. Die KUBYbegleiter haben gelernt, dich in deinen komplexen Zusammenhängen, wie das Leben nun mal ist, so klar zu spiegeln, dass du von dir aus auf die Lösung deines Problems kommst. Eine solche Erfahrung gibt dir ein sehr starkes, neues Selbstvertrauen.