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comprises three semesters

First Semester


Second Semester


Third Semester


The first semester

The 1st semester comprises 16 online modules, which are activated for you every 14 days. Your access to all modules is time-unlimited, so you can give yourself more than 14 days to work on the modules. You can determine the pace of your KUBY studies yourself.

Included in the price is a regular live online meeting parallel to the activation of the modules, where you have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to Clemens or a qualified member of his team to discuss them live with them and the other students.

When you have completed all 16 modules, you will receive a certificate as a KUBYuser. The degree certifies that you have become deeply familiar with the KUBYphilosophy and have applied it in numerous exercises.

For your own expansion of consciousness, it is absolutely advisable that you start as soon as possible with the basic seminar “Healthy without Medicine” and heal something or solve a problem for which you have been lacking consciousness until now. This personal experience qualifies you best for KUBYcompanionship. Therefore, the basic seminar and an advanced seminar or alternatively the KUBYtraining are prerequisites for the start of the 2nd semester. You would be untrustworthy for your clients if you wanted to teach them a method with which you have not experienced success with yourself.

The second semester

In the 2nd semester you learn to accompany other people with the KUBYmethod. Therefore this semester consists of twelve modules with 36 accompanying discussions plus their analyses. You will have at least twelve accompanying conversations with twelve different people. Six of these conversations have to be transcribed by you, because this will give you a strong awareness of whether and how you put what you have learned into practice. Subsequently, you will learn to comment on the soul letters of your clients, because in the KUBYmethod writing is the decisive element for the expansion of consciousness. For this purpose we will acquire so-called “real clients” for you. They only pay a small amount of money for this, because they are practice talks. Your contact with the clients with sound, pictures and the texts takes place on our online portal.

As soon as you have completed the second semester with the conversations and text accompaniment, you will receive the certificate for your participation in the second semester of Kuby studies as a companion.

If you want to work as a professional KUBYcompanion, you can apply with the certificate and a practice interview of your choice for a supervision, in which Clemens will analyse your conversation with you live in the presence of the interested students and companions. In this way you can qualify for the leap into the “professional business”.

Supervision is intended to ensure that the KUBYcompanions who professionally offer the KUBYmethod on the KUBYportal actually practice nothing else but KUBY®. We must guarantee our thousands of clients that they will receive KUBY at KUBY. This is why when you finished your studies you are not allowed to advertise the fact that you practice the KUBY method in your own setting, but only that you have completed your studies. If you offer KUBYsupport on your own website, then only permitted by linking your website to the KUBYportal and working with your customers there. There it is possible for us to check whether what you actually do with your clients is KUBY® or not.

You are free to apply for supervision at a later date. On the KUBYportal you can practice this wonderful profession as a supervisor from anywhere in the world, qualified until your last breath. If you understand how to help others with the KUBYstudium to live healthy and happy lives, then you are even more capable of doing so for yourself.

The third semester

The 3rd semester is aimed at professional companions who want to hold KUBY seminars themselves, both on-site and online. They will then be trained to give lectures on the KUBYmethod in addition to their own KUBYseminars and to train new students. As the KUBYmethod is spreading worldwide, there is more and more work in the administration, which requires a team of employees who are able to master the KUBYmethod and spread it. The beginning of this is the 3rd semester, which will certainly not be offered before spring 2021.


With the KUBYstudies you develop the ability to help your clients to significantly expand their consciousness in a short time. KUBY® is the only known ideology-free tool for expanding consciousness worldwide. Since the expansion of consciousness is the most urgent task of mankind, the KUBYmethod will constantly increase in importance. We would be pleased if you want to make your contribution.

Questions about the Studium

How can I register for the 1st sem?

Twice a year we offer the opportunity to enter the first semester together with other like-minded students. We publish the next starting dates here on this page at least three months in adv.

You can also start KUBYstudium at any time, but then you will not have the opportunity to exchange with other participants in the same way as if you started your studies together. During the live meetings every other weekend, the modules will be discussed that have been activated before. As these live meetings are recorded, they are always available to you. You can always choose exactly the meetings that match your personal study programme. If you would like to start studying now, write this request to and we will add you to the student community.

What does the KUBYstudium cost?

The prices of the three semesters are different. For the first semester we have calculated the lowest possible price to enable as many people as possible to access the KUBYphilosophy. It amounts to  1,500 € including VAT (value added tax).

The second semester is already much more practice-oriented and therefore costs €2,900 including VAT. Thanks to this semester you have the unique opportunity to get a dream job, which you can carry out from anyplace in the world with an access to internet and no need of an office your own. There is no administrative burden, since we take full charge of that with our accounting and tax system. For every minute you practice the KUBY method with clients online on the KUBY portal, you earn 60% of the price of the interview, which currently is at € 2.49. The billing is automatic.

In contrast to all training courses that we know of, with KUBY® you have the opportunity to retrieve your investment directly after the 2nd semester and earn your living with it over time.

The third semester, which will considerably enhance your job opportunities and even give you the chance to become an employee of the KUBYfoundation, costs 4,900 €.

What skills do you gain in KUBYstudium?

The KUBYmethod can be applied to all problems that require a higher than existing consciousness to solve. So you accompany your clients not only with physical issues, but also with relationship, work, money, psychological and other matters people turn to you with.

Self-healing with the KUBYmethod is a side-effect of the expansion of consciousness, which also serves to prevent new health conditions. Your performance consists in helping the clients to reach higher consciousness than the existing one to be solved, thus improving their quality of life.

How can I get further information about the KUBYstudium?

Write an email to and we will get in touch with you. We will also announce the new starting date for the entry into the 1st semester on this website in time. On top of that, you can subscribe to our free newsletter, where we inform you about upcoming live webinars on KUBY studies.

KUBYstudium at a glance

 Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3
1. Buch: Gesund ohne MedizinPflicht
2. Buch: Mental HealingPflicht
3. Film: Heilung das Wunder in unsEmpfehlung
4. WebinarEmpfehlung
5. Basis-Online-Seminar
oder Basis-Seminar vor Ort
​6. KUBYTraining Online
oder Aufbau-Seminar vor Ort
​7. Heilgruppe vor OrtEmpfehlung
8. Assistenz bei Seminarenmöglich, wenn bereits zwei Heilseminare vor Ort besucht wurdenPflicht
9. Fortgeschrittenen SeminarEmpfehlungPflicht
10. Semester 1PflichtPflicht
​11. Semester 2Pflicht
​Preise inkl. 19% MwSt.1.500 €2900 €4900 €
Ratenzahlung​6 x 300 €​6 x 500 €6 x 840 €

Sample videos from the members area

Semester 1

Module 9: How synapses are formed in the brain.

Module 13: Every being is lovable.