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What are the advantages of an online seminar compared to an in person seminar?

Each kind of seminar has its advantages. How important some points are to you, that’s for you to decide:
Advantages of online seminars:
– No travel needed which means no travel costs and no organizing months in advance
– Start working immediately
– Replay the video content as often as you want, rewind, etc.
– When you’re stuck, you can book a 1-on-1 call with one of the KUBYcompanions (1.99 € per minute)
– Experience the seminar from the safety of your own home, no need to show yourself or tell your story in front of others
Advantages of a face-to-face seminar:
– Converse and exchange yourself with like-minded individuals, become inspired
– Ask Clemens a question during the seminar and have him answer it
– Learn by the others’ participants examples
– Safety of a secluded room, away from the distractions of daily life
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Questions about the KUBYmethod

Which illnesses can be treated by the KUBYmethod?

In principle every illness and every symptom have a cause. With the KUBYmethod we try to find and transform the mental cause for the illness.

We don’t promise a cure, that would be absourd. We give you a powerful tool with which you can find the cause yourself and change it.

The KUBYmethod is an absolutely medicine-free healing method, therefore the type of illnesses, like medicine classifies them, does not matter. Medicine considers illnesses as curable or incurable, chronic or genetic, inherited or innate, physical or mental, mechanical or psychosomatic, etc. All this doesn’t matter on the spiritual-emotional level on which we work.

The KUBYmethod is a tool to enhance your consciousness. With each problem and illness you have to become conscious of its cause. This isn’t possible for most people without this tool, because they suppressed the original causes of their problem or illness and therefore do not remember them.

Basically, the goal is to remember the cause of your problem and to use the capabilities of your right hemisphere to create a new, healthy and happy reality for yourself. The only thing that would stop you from healing yourself that way are doubts and scepticism regarding your intuition, but the Kuymethod will teach you how to get into touch with it in the seminar.

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What does the online seminar about the KUBYmethod contain?

The online seminar with Clemens Kuby contains three videos, which are best to be watched one day at a time each. Each video’s duration is about two hours. On top of that there are three hours of bonus material, in whichClemens answers the participants’ questions and partly accompanies them in their process.

In addition to the seminar, you receive a document of several pages summarizing the most important information in the videos. You will also get a template in which we show you how to bring your pain image and rewriting into the correct form.

Does Clemens have a medical license?

Clemens is not a doctor or a naturopath. He must not make diagnoses or comment on medical prescriptions, since he has no medical license.

In any case it’s good to make yourself aware of the root causes of your problems and illnesses through soul letters.

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Free Webinar

What are the technical requirements to take part in the webinar?

For a smooth experience while watching the webinar you have to fulfill the following technical requirements:

Update your Flash Player. You will need it to be able to view the webinar. Here you can download the latest version for you to install:

I recommend you use the Google Chrome web browser. The privacy settings in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other browsers may cause the webinar to be blocked.
Here you can download Google Chrome:

Please also install the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can download the installer here for free:

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When does the webinar happen?

The webinar takes place every Thursday at 8:00pm CE(S)T.

In case you miss the webinar, you will receive an email containing a link to the recording after it ended.

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How do I get to the webinar? What do I have to do to participate?

On Thursday at 8:00pm CE(S)T, click on the provided WebinarJam link and then sign in with the name and email address you used to signup to the webinar. You will then be automaticall redirected to the webinar “room”. If you want to be safe, you can also read our two FAQs regarding Webinars:

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Online Seminar “Healthy without Medicine”

What does the online seminar "Healthy without Medicine" contain?

The online seminar with Clemens Kuby contains 71 videos in three chapters. You decide for yourself at what pace you work with them. There is also three hours of bonus material in which Clemens answers the participants’ questions and partly accompanies them in their process.

In addition, you will receive a multi-page document summarizing the most important information from the videos.

You will also receive a writing template with which you can create your soul letter according to the structure of the KUBYmethod of project, pain picture and rewriting.

How do I get access to the online seminar?

If you click on one of the orange buttons, you will get to the order form. As soon as you have filled it out and sent it, you will automatically receive the login details by e-mail a few minutes later. If you click on the link in the email, you will get to the login page. There you enter your login details and you are already in the member area. There you will see the welcome video and be guided to the three parts of the “Healthy without medicine” online seminar. IMPORTANT: Work through the videos step by step. Do not watch part 2 until you have completed the tasks in part 1.


How can I cancel an online seminar?

Write an email directly to our payment provider within the revocation period of 14 days with your cancellation request: with your full name and order ID. You will get a 100% refund.


I am interested in the 6-month KUBYtraining. How long do I have access to the recordings?

If you decide to take part in the KUBYtraining, you can access our KUBYtraining archive for six months, where Clemens talks to various participants and accompanies them on their process.

In addition, you can take part in all live sessions for six months and get access to our server, where you can upload your soul texts and discuss them with the other participants.

After six months, access to the server and to the member area, where you can retrieve past sessions, expires. As this is very sensitive data, we can only grant access to active members.

How can I participate in KUBYtraining?

The KUBYtraining is perfectly suited as an extension after the online seminar, as it actively deepens the knowledge learned there.

On two consecutive evenings from 7pm to 9pm CET/CEST you will meet Clemens online live in a video conference. As a participant of the KUBYtraining you will receive a link to the conference every month in advance.

The program runs for 6 months (with 2 evenings per month, i.e. a total of 12 units) and can be booked again as often as you like after the program has ended. There is a discount for subsequent participants.

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How do I join KUBYtraining?

The KUBYtraining works via the software Once you have booked the training, you will receive a unique access number to the meeting room. This meeting identification number has nine, ten or eleven digits. You will receive this number either by email or as a calendar entry from us.

If you have received an invitation by email, you can join the online seminar by simply clicking on the link (URL) in the email. This should work the same way in most calendars. If it doesn’t work, copy the meeting identification number into your browser to get to the meeting room.

The first time you join a zoom meeting, your browser will automatically install the zoom software on your computer when you click on the zoom link.

Here is a short video tutorial to help you find your way into the video seminar: To the video tutorial

1) Click on “Join a meeting” – you can do this with or without prior registration (sign in):

Then click on the blue plus sign “Join”:

2) Enter the meeting identification number and your name. You can also choose whether you want to join by video and/or audio.

Turn off my video = Turn off my camera (no video)

Don’t connect to audio = Without sound (mute listening)

Please note that the zoom meeting will only start when the moderator opens the meeting. The virtual seminar room cannot be entered before that.


Testing your zoom connection..

To do this, go to the following page:


Talking live with Clemens can be done as follows during online training:

In the live video you can see the sound button, camera button, unlock button etc. at the bottom of the bar.
On the right is a speech bubble, which stands for “Chat”.
Click on it. Now you have a text field on the right side of the screen.
There we write small messages to each other.
At the bottom is this sign: > ,
Below you can write the text that you want to be unlocked to talk to Clemens.
The moderator answers and confirms in a private message that you are on the speaker list.
This text character > also offers the possibility to write text messages to only one person personally.
To do so, click on this > sign with the mouse and a sub-menu with the names of the individual participants will appear.
Note that as soon as you press “Enter”, you send your message.

To talk to Clemens personally, you should follow some technical rules:

  • Make sure there’s no background noise when you talk to Clemens.
  • The internal microphone on your computer must be on, or an external microphone must be working so that you can be heard.
  • To avoid feedback, it is best to use headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • If you are connected via telephone, the sound on your computer must be turned off.