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Clemens Kuby’s speech on the new decade

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Dear people,

I could despair of us and think we’ve screwed up real life and are driving the planet to its limits at full speed. The worst thing about it is that I am supposed get the feeling that I am to blame for it myself because I consume petrol, produce garbage and live too well in general. I am expected to be more modest, limit myself, do less of this and that. Money is supposedly scarce by nature and only very few people are allowed to have it in abundance.

The worst thing about this situation is that the vast majority of us think that this is a God-given or fateful situation. Everybody should have to fight alone in their isolation, nothing should be received as a gift. It is best for everyone to fight with the members of their closest circle with their own. If that is not enough, we look for someone weaker than us to attack them: children, foreigners, people of other faiths, animals and even women.

As long as your frustration is directed at people who are as desperate as you and I, all is well with our political leaders. Judgment is always a question of consciousness. When you become aware of who controls the fate of humanity, then the yoke that makes us despair becomes a joke.

Mao was able to mobilize 100 million poor people with the idea of fighting against their oppressors for 30 years by making them realize that the tiger they were all so terribly afraid of is in reality just paper. Hitler was able to suggest to Germans that the world would be a better place under German rule. Trump does it with “America first.” Fate always depends on your faith and faith is another word for consciousness.

You don’t have to let them tell you which consciousness to adhere to nor do you have to replace one faith with another only to find out that you and nature won’t get better with it either. It is now the time to think for yourself, to create your own faith, and no longer be dependent on others telling you what to do, first your mom and dad, then the teacher, the boss, the doctor, the bank, the news, the so-called truths, reason, your God including the so-called evil.

Nothing and nobody possesses the objective or absolute truth. The universe is composed solely of subjective truths. In fact everything is a matter of faith.

That is why it is so important to have a tool with which you can control your faith every day and not let the faith control you. The tool is nothing but a mental method everyone can apply to change their consciousness.

It works like this: as soon as I feel something bad, let’s say a physical pain or a pressure or an injustice, no matter what, anything that doesn’t feel harmonious to me and I start to suffer from it or have suffered from it “forever”, I immediately become aware that a change of faith is needed here. In order to find it out, I do not turn to others who tell me what to do, like the experts and authorities, but I ask my own soul what there is to learn. My soul is always healthy and it is immortal, it knows everything, it is the access to my own inner wisdom. This is where mankind must turn to in order to preserve this planet in its paradisiacal beauty, or, in the meantime, to revive it. With the enforced belief like “subdue the earth”, or in the eternal economic growth or in the financial interests etc., we will not survive. Humanity is never anybody else but you and me. My soul can tell me exactly to whom I must stop being loyal, where I have to develop my character to become a better, more loving person. With these qualities I become more independent and I can realize that there are very few, in every country only a handful of people, who shape the faith for all others.

These dependencies only work as long as they can operate with the fear of death. People who are afraid of death have existential fear, fear of disease, fear of evil and fear of everything they do not know. If I know that I am immortal because I identify with my soul and not with my body, the fear loses its basis. This is exactly what I wish you from now on, that it will also become your way of thinking in the next decade until 2030 at the latest. You can learn to communicate daily with your soul. This is no witchcraft and no mysticism, there are very specific rules for this, which I offer to you. You only need to access them.

Here is the link to the free webinar: www.clemenskuby.com/webinar